The 4th generation of the Evolonic Night Fury drone series. An electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) quadplane in a highly robust seperate lift-thrust (SLT) configuration. All NF drones are designed for fully automatic flights with uncompromising safety standards.

Vertical Take-Off and Landing

Due to its vertical flight capability the aircraft doesn’t need large infrastructure and can be charged fully automated

Long-Range Capability

The wide-band airfoil allows  flight distances of more than 100 km with flight times beyond 100 minutes

A.I. Based On-Board Computer

The high performance on-board computer uses A.I. based computer vision algorithms to detect wild fires and is used for intelligent path planning

FIRESenseBox Network

A camera and sensor network supports the arial system with ground information. Stationary sensors help to extend the observed area with an holistic surveillance system. The FIRESenseBox is specially designed by Evolonic and contains the same sensor module as in the drone system.

Stationary Observation

The stationary cameras detect smoke within five to ten kilometer range and will be mounted on strategic infrastructure landmarks

Sensor Network

All FIRESenseBoxes designed by Evolonic are connected within a network and form a seamless observation grid


All stationary systems are fully self sufficient and can be placed in any structure without connection to a power source